Last night I attended an evening class at the University of British Columbia. I thought I had ample time to return to the shelter but I ended up being fifteen minutes late (this being of course my fault and entirely avoidable). They gave my bed away and for the first time ever I truly found […]

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To Do, January 4th 2018

So as far as the novel is going, we are still full steam ahead for December 31, 2018. There’s no stopping this train! Well, one thing actually. Four days into the new year and I actually haven’t done any writing. I did however: Write a basic world building overview and sent for peer review Establish […]

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The Last Jedi, the First Me

The Last Jedi was really good. It didn’t feel like a traditional Star Wars movie. It tried a lot of new things and most of it worked. [spoiler alert] I really liked Luke, Kylo and especially Rey. I loved watching Rey trying to understand her place in the galaxy. She approached the unknown with such […]

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